Chinatown Summer Nights

Chinatown Summer Nights is a “part food event, part summer event” that was held in Old Chinatown. Bryan from and I decided to take a short train ride to check this out. Since there’s no train from Glendale to anywhere, I had to drive out to Pasadena to catch the Gold Line.

Getting off at the Chinatown 15 minutes later, I noticed that the new apartment building is practically finished. It was nice to walk through their courtyard to Broadway Street, instead of having to go down the stairs and walk around the building.


IMG_1357 DSCF6433

Walking through the main courtyard, there was a stage setup for karate demonstrations. Needless to say, it was surrounded full with people, little children sitting atop their father’s shoulders to watch the show.

Right past the main stage, there was what sounded like firecrackers being set off. In actuality, the popping sounds were coming from these confetti poppers that vendors were selling. People around me were purchasing these left and right. A quick twist of the tube and watch as they marvel at the confetti shooting up into the air.


IMG_1345 IMG_1344

As people popped their poppers and confetti flew into the air, it also started to accumulate in droves on the floor. So much so that the children started to gather them into a a neat little pile. Once they felt that they had a significant pile, they grabbed it and in one fell swoop threw their pile of confetti back up into the air. Their faces filled with uninhibited joy as they watched the confetti float back down to Earth.

Their faces filled with uninhibited joy as they watched the confetti float back down to Earth.



There was a beer garden that was packed full of people. It was perfectly situated in front of a stage where local, and not so local, bands performed a small set.

The next building over, people were lining up for some food. But not just any food, food truck food! There were about five to six different food trucks crammed into that little alley way.


On the other side of Chinatown at Chung King Road (where all the art galleries are) there was a cooking demonstration as well as a few arts and crafts tables. Crossing the street, I noticed man making music the old school way!