Lost in Translation or Plain Misogyny


I’ve recently seen posts, and article on NikonRumors.co,  regarding a statement made by Nikon’s President Mr. Kazuo Ushida. In an interview by a Japanese newspaper, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbum, Mr. Ushida was quoted as saying:

“For example it might be an idea to look into making a dSLR that women would find easier to use.”

That statement is recently making the rounds on social media. Like anything, it’s hard to infer the meaning without seeing it in context. Prior to this he was speaking about mirrorless cameras and improving their lenses utilizing the latest technology. He goes on to say “some playfulness/imagination is also needed.”

Hmm, gotta say that looking at the big picture is not helping. I have seen some comments saying that he was referring to women’s smaller hand size…? I don’t see anywhere in that statement where he was doing that.

Other’s are saying it was a straight up attack on women. I can certainly see where they are coming from.

Or can all this be just a simple case of being lost in translation. Well, clicking through to the actual article, it is, of course, in Japanese. I don’t know Japanese so I can translate that for you. However, copying and pasting it into Google Translate, it looks like how it was translated was pretty accurate.

The only caveat here is the newspaper looks like they actually quoted Mr. Ushida’s “a DSLR that women would find easier to use”. So it could be the case that the newspaper itself took this statement out of context.

Of course, on the flip side, this could be a blatant misogynistic statement by Nikon’s President.

This situation was also exacerbated when they put together a team to represent their newest DSLR, the Nikon d850. Surprise, they’re all men.

Let me know what you think, lost in translation or misogynistic statement. Does this affect your view of the company as a whole? Will you continue to buy Nikon products?

Photo by Alan Wat

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